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In a few words…

  • Registered participants will be able to request unique individual business meetings with other participants
  • Meeting requests must be confirmed by both sides in order to be scheduled
  • Shortly before the event, each participant will receive a personalized meeting schedule.


Click on the Registration link. Fill in a short profile describing your company and the products or services you are offering and/or looking for. Via your unique entrance code and pass word, you will be automatically advised by the system for your ideal appointment.


My Homepage view:

Click on the screen to the right to view a snapshot of the homepage. You will see the following items:

  • Calender - Click each day for a view of your schedule. Once the day is open you can view open times and block times that you are not available.
  • To Do List - View your outstanding items not completed within your profile or schedule
  • Newest Activites - View your pending and most recent appointment requests or responses
  • Scheduling Statistics - View a summary of your accepted, declined or pending meetings
My Homepage view
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Search Participants:

  • Catalog of Profiles - This view will give you a complete list of participants and their profiles. This navigation bar can be found on the left hand side of the homepage.
  • Advanced Search (click on screen to the right to view) - This feature will allow you to search participants by certain keywords. You will find this feature located on the top left hand corner of your "My Homepage".


Search Participants
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View Profiles and Request a Meeting:

Click on the screen to the right to view snapshot of the profile page.

  • View details - Click on the view details nagivation bar located on the right hand side of the participant profile. Once open you will be able to view the full profile.
  • Request a Meeting - View available times and send a request for a meeting

Click on the screen to the right to view a snapshot of a meeting request.

  • You will see open times slots available for participant.
  • Click on date tab to review availablity for each day.
  • Click on time slot of interest.
  • Compose invitation or request details in the "Your Remarks" text box.
  • Once complete, click on "Send Request".
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Manage your meetings

  • If a meeting request is sent to you, the invitation will show in your "Newest Activites" section of your home page (see the screen snapshot located above in the "My Homepage" section to see where this area is located).
  • To review your request click on the "Manage Meetings" link located on the invitation.
  • The link will open to your schedule and show you the day and time requested by the sender.
  • This is where you will also be able to view details, accept, decline or propose another time slot (click on the screen on the right to review).
  • With this feature you will also be able to download the appointment into your outlook calendar or print a PDF of your schedule (see screen snapshot on the right hand side to view the schedule.)
Manage your meetings
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My Match

The "My Match" navigation bar located on the left hand side of the "My Homepage" will provide you with suggestions of possible participants that may match your needs or services.


The "Contacts" navigation bar your contacts. You will also be able to send messages and export contact information into your outlook system.

My Profile Administration

By using the navigation bar “Company Profile”  you are able to mark any changes and updates to your company profile. We suggest that you have all necessary information uploaded prior to the opening of the matching preview.

By using the navigation bar “Person Profile” you are able to make any changes to your person profile. In addition to updating your profile, you add additional participants to your profile allowing them to have access to the matching program. You may do so by clicking the add more persons” button.

By using the navigation bar  “Product Profile” you are able to make any changes and updates to your product profile. In addition to updating your profile, you can add additional products to your profile. You may do so by clicking the "add new product profile” button below. 


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