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Nippon Precision Casting Corporation

1-5 Miharadai
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Nippon Precision Casting (NPC) specializes aluminum, steel and magnesium alloys castings with lost-wax investment casting method. Its foundry locates in Chonan Town where between 1.5 to 2 hours drive distance from Narita International Airport.

With certifications of;
Nadcap & JISQ9100 (AS9100 & EN9100 equivalent) as public,
Boeing, Bombardier & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as corporate,
NPC provides quality alloy castings for aerospace and defense industries to domestic and overseas air framers and sub tiers.

Thin, strong but tenacious aluminum casting, the optimum conditions for flying object, is one of the specialties. For instance, AMS-A-21180A A356.0 & A357.0 T-6 class 10 castings are brought to fruition by particular solidification control process and are enjoying good reputation from the customers.

NPC is on its 2nd stage exploring overseas customers and willing to show Japan technology here in Japan Pavilion at International Suppliers Center ILA.

Tenacious Aluminum Alloy and Heatā€resistant Super Alloy Casting

What we offer:
Light weight tenacious aluminum and heat-resistant super alloy are essential for safety and efficiency in aerospace industries.
NPC offers solutions for the following products:
Airframe/structure parts:
- large size complicated shape castings for cockpit parts with visual quality
- thin frame, chassis, shell and panels for inner and outer parts
- tenacious movable parts for lever, hinge and wing segment
We provide not only raw casting but also machined & coated finish.
Rocket and Turbine engines;
- heat, pressure and corrosion resistance piping and valves.
- heat and pressure resistance blades and nozzles
We provide both materials aluminum alloy and super alloy.

What we are looking for:
NPC is looking for customers who are sourcing a supplier for these investment casting products mentioned above and who are interested in products utilizing new technology, ability and knowhow iimmediately.

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • Engines
      • Other
    • General equipment
      • General equipment for aircraft
    • Production, materials, components and semi-finished products
      • Structures for cell construction, components
      • Metallic materials, semi-finished products, coatings, alloys
    • Components, devices and subsystems
      • Other


Mr Hiro Hamada

Foreign Account Supervisor
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