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enders Ingenieure GmbH

Sonnenstr. 39
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
1. Geographical location:
Ergolding, Germany (Bavaria, near Munich)

2. Type of organisation:
engineering services (IT, Electronics, Mechanics)

3. General information:
1990: Dr Lothars Enders launched
“enders Ingenieure”
22 years of continuous expansion and development are now behind us. Today, we are a modern, high-performance technical service provider. We have exploited
technical challenges to broaden our expertise and keep us one step ahead – for our customers. We work with pioneering
equipment and established methods. We measure ourselves against the very best on the market to ensure continuous improvement
in quality and service.Our growth is the result of our work with our customers.
We will continue providing the progress essential to keeping you competitive. We offer appropriate and sustainable business models
which relieve the burden on our customers. The technical challenges and pleasure in working with our partner are and will continue
to be what drives us.

enders - we offer effective and long-term support in solving complex problems

What we offer:
> > Mechanics-Component Development
> > Cabling
> > Manufacturing and Process Technology
> > Development of Specifications
> > Numerical Simulation
> > Tolerance Analyses
> > Prototype Procurement

Our experience in implementing interdisciplinary
projects means we can understand
the context and solve the difficult problems
it poses. Interdisciplinary networked projects have long been part and parcel of our work. We can obtain information and assign specifications in work packages at each phase of the project. This applies to all stages of the development process from design and realisation to module testing. We develop flight hardware in line with the applicable standards and guidelines, as we do ground infrastructure solutions.

Certified quality
>> DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
>> DIN EN 9100

What we are looking for:
YOU as a long-term partner

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • Equipment / Cockpit
      • Electronics, IT systems
    • On-board systems
      • Hydraulic systems and components
      • Electrical systems and components
      • Suspension, brakes, wheels, components
      • On-board systems/equipment/cabin
      • On-board systems/equipment/cargo
    • Engines
      • APU and power supplies
      • Electric motors
      • Assemblies
    • General equipment
      • Rescue equipment, emergency systems
      • Other
    • Components, devices and subsystems
      • Mechanical components, devices and subsystems
      • Electrical components, devices and subsystems
      • Electronic components, devices and subsystems
      • Other
    • Production and process technologies
      • Processing, measuring, testing and proofing tools
      • Other process technology
      • Measurement, testing, proofing, diagnostic systems
      • Quality control
    • Engineering service
      • Design, engineering, construction
      • Documentation, licensing, certification
      • Testing, proofing and analysis
      • Component testing and -qualification
      • Measuring, testing, diagnostics, simulation
      • Validation, documentation, licensing
      • Project support, project management
      • Module and mold construction/rapid prototyping
      • Other engineering services
    • IT solutions and software
      • Operating and engineering software


Mr Michael Arnold

Aeronautical and Aerospace Specialist

Ms Julia Seider


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