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Avionic Design Service GmbH

Haidgraben 2
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Company Profile:
The Avionic Design Service GmbH can be considered as an SME and has established as a reliable and competent partner for the development and maintenance of avionic systems. With our international team we offer our customers from the aerospace industry customized, flexible and cost optimized solutions and services. We are operating customer-oriented via our headquarter located in Munich.

Therefor we rely on an efficient quality management system, which compiles the requirements of the ISO norm EN9100 and we hereby establish a value chain in all our development projects.
Main fields of activity of our team are the development of high class system - and software solutions for sophisticated systems in the aerospace industry.

Based on our generated know-how we are able to offer premium and individualized solutions to our customers. For the realization of different requirements in the range of avionic (avionic operations, - simulation, - maintenance), aerospace and in the field of embedded systems we use the support of current development tools and newest technologies. Therefore we follow valid standards and rules of the aerospace industry.

Our core business ranges from simplified solutions in small autarkical systems, complex developments of weapon systems, for example a mission computer for fighter jets or helicopters, to development and maintenance of fully independent avionic systems.

Aeronautic Enginnering Solutions

What we offer:
We are offering:
a) Avionics engineering solutions
b) Structure Design & Stress calculations

What we are looking for:
new contacts

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • Equipment / Cockpit
      • Avionics, flight management, communication, navigation, flight control
    • Engineering service
      • Design, engineering, construction
      • Documentation, licensing, certification
      • Testing, proofing and analysis
      • Component testing and -qualification
      • Measuring, testing, diagnostics, simulation
      • Validation, documentation, licensing
      • Project support, project management
      • Module and mold construction/rapid prototyping
      • Work safety, security systems
      • Other engineering services
    • IT solutions and software
      • Operating and engineering software
      • Software maintenance and user training
      • Other IT activities
    • MRO and technical services
      • IT solutions, maintenance and management software
      • Equipment and tools for maintenance and repair
    • Manpower
      • Temporary personnel services
      • Manpower recruitment


Mr Marco Schmidt


Mr Marko Beutler

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