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Company Profile:
ERKO company was founded in 1981 by an engineer Roman Petlak. ERKO company is a leading Polish manufacturer of cable terminals, connectors and provides a wide range of tools for electrical work. The company headquarters have been situated in Jonkowo, near Olsztyn. The manufacturing of aircraft parts takes place in Czeluśnica, near Jasło, at the production plant committed especially to the machining of metal sheets. The metal plate details and assemblies with small and medium dimensions, i.e. brackets, sleeves are the final result of this commitment.

We offer technology for the machining of metal sheets with the application of bending, cutting and related processes, as well as special processes such as heat treatment. Our plans include the implementation of riveting, pressure welding, laser cutting, soldering, and welding technologies. ERKO is also able to offer the manufacture of details using technological operations, i.e. electric discharge and electromechanical machining (EDM, ECM), turning, milling and stamping. We also make specialistic instrumentation for our clients, e.g. blanking dies, stamping dies, injection moulds, casting moulds and others.

The components of the company’s success on the Polish and European markets are: use of modern technology, our own engineering office, multipurpose and flexible fleet of machines on the one hand, and care about customers and openness to their needs on the other. These features altogether let the ERKO company develop a reputation of a reliable business partner and image of a company that meets customer expectations.

Aviation parts, tooling

What we offer:
Technological processes:Turning, Milling, Grinding, Punching, Press forming, EDM, WEDM Welding MIG, MAG TIG, MMA, Gas welding, Friction welding, Injection molding, Tinning, Oxidizing, Heat treatment.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for customers in aviation industry.

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • Production and process technologies
      • Metal processing
      • Special machine tools
      • Production and manufacturing equipment
      • Equipment and tools


Mr Sebastian Garbacz

Aviation Manager
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