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Ultratech Sp.

Morgowa 81
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Location: South-East Poland, Rzeszow City, main production plant - Sedziszow City.
Polish owned Limited Company created in 2000.
Metal working using CNC Centers and lathes (19 pcs) and conventional machines (21 pcs), 3 Zeiss CMM's, 4 licences UG NX, 1 licence VERICUT.
Main activity: aerospace and power generation (parts for industrial turbines)

Descriptive title - this will become your link in the online catalogue Aerospace machinned parts and turbine ULTRATECH ,Poland

What we offer:
we offer: machining of different materials on 3-,4- and 5-axis CNC machines, design and make of special clamping tools, participation in R&D projects.
Low cost, high quality aerospace and industriall turbine products

What we are looking for:
Long therm contracts, chalanginng projects to grow our company.
Midium and high complicated details.

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  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • On-board systems
      • Hydraulic systems and components
      • Suspension, brakes, wheels, components
      • Other on-board systems
    • Engines
      • Jet engines and engine components
      • Turboprop engines and components
      • Piston engines and other combustion engines
      • Assemblies
    • General equipment
      • General equipment for aircraft
    • Components, devices and subsystems
      • Mechanical components, devices and subsystems
    • Production and process technologies
      • Processing, measuring, testing and proofing tools
      • Special machine tools
      • Measurement, testing, proofing, diagnostic systems
      • Quality control
      • Equipment and tools
    • Engineering service
      • Design, engineering, construction
      • Component testing and -qualification
      • Measuring, testing, diagnostics, simulation
    • MRO and technical services
      • Spare parts, parts management, logistics for commercial aircraft
      • Spare parts, parts management, logistics for military aircraft


Mr VP Marek Bujny

Operation and business development Director

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