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Especialistas en Turbopartes

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Company Profile:
Located in Queretaro, at heart fo Mexico┬┤s aerospace industry.
We are a solid Industry, 20 years of experience on manufacture, assembly & Overhaul of Turbomachinery equipments and spare parts
Our aerospace division AS9100:B since 2011. Delivering Bearing Carriers for Landing Gear.
Material capabilities Stainless steel, Alluminum, Titanium & Alloys.
Solid Works licence, Inpsection laboratory, lathe and milling numerical control machinery

Advance Manufacture Aerospace Components

What we offer:
Mexican company, over 20 years of experience on advance manufacture of Dynamic Parts.

Our company's Core Bussines is Manufacture of Turbomachinery. OEM's of steam turbines, compressors, rotors, and spare parts.
Since 2011 we develop our new bussines unit con Aerospace manufacture, with AS9100 certification, manufacture cell indepentent, solid works licence, inspection laboratory, and certified personell.

At our core bussiness we develop a know-how on manufacture of dynamic & rotational parts such as blades, rings, seals, tight tolerances and complex geometries.
On our aerospace unit we manufacture bearing carriers for Landing Gears.

We can deliver lathe and milling 4 axis geometry for comercial aerospace, material capabilities alluminum, stainless steel and titanuim. with management capabilities of low to medium volume.

Our company is located at Queretaro, Mexicans most important aerospace concentration.
We are a medium size company with a short term response, high quality standards & certifications (AS9100, ISO2008, lean Manufacturing practices, etc) and a delivery on time philosophy.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for companies intrested in develop strategic suppliers on aerospace components.
The requirements on small to medium volume, with numerical control machinery, metalic parts.

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • Engines
      • Jet engines and engine components
      • Turboprop engines and components
      • Other
    • Production, materials, components and semi-finished products
      • Metallic materials, semi-finished products, coatings, alloys
    • Components, devices and subsystems
      • Mechanical components, devices and subsystems
    • Production and process technologies
      • Metal processing


Ms Jatziri Barrios

Aerospace Management

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