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F.R. Faehlmanni 1-3
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Company Profile:
Our team offers 20+ years experience in Design & Development of special products in:
METROLOGY - R&D in dimensional and laser metrology for calibration
CUTTING TOOLS - for turbines and precision metalworking
SOFTWARE for Quality, Metrology, Calibration SENSOR Design & Technology for OEM
Metrology Systems. R&D see - Industrial Measurement Systems Design, Calibration. Gear metrology, form metrology, retrofit of Abbe length measuring machines, CMM calibration with laser interferometer. NDT inspection (X-Ray diffraction, Barkhausen noise, residual stress analysis)
HSS & solid carbide special drills, cutters, reamers, counterborers, taps. Defense, Automotive, Power Generation customers worldwide.
Custom Metrology Software Apps & Training including statistical process control (SPC), MIL STD 105, MIL STD 414, MIL STD 1235, data acquisition, calibration, FMEA, DOE, 6-sigma, MSA.
Sensors and UAV Technology Integrator. Research Center in China

Metrology systems, Laser, Special Cuttting Tools, UAV UAS Technology Integration

What we offer:
We have 20+ years expertise in metrology, software for calibration and design of special cutting tools. We developed innovative solution for measurement and calibration. Our products are used worldwide in manufacturing plants and laboratories. We are integrating technology and developing UAV platforms in China. We are developing and testing an anti-GPS spoofing system which has been presented to Galileo Master Competition 2012.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for manufacturers of UAV components and subsystems, including communications systems, sensors, navigation and flight controls, launch systems, composites, propulsion systems, IR cameras, magnetic sensors, software for mapping and image analysis, laser related technology (target designators, telemetry, gyroscopes).

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • General equipment
      • General equipment for aircraft
    • Components, devices and subsystems
      • Mechanical components, devices and subsystems
      • Electrical components, devices and subsystems
      • Electronic components, devices and subsystems
    • Production and process technologies
      • Metal processing
      • Composite structures
      • Processing, measuring, testing and proofing tools
      • Special machine tools
      • Measurement, testing, proofing, diagnostic systems
      • Production and manufacturing equipment
      • Quality control
      • Equipment and tools
    • Engineering service
      • Design, engineering, construction
      • Testing, proofing and analysis
      • Component testing and -qualification
      • Measuring, testing, diagnostics, simulation
      • Validation, documentation, licensing


Mr Luca Bochese


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