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Monterrey Aerocluster

Av. Fundidora
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Company Profile:
MONTERREY AEROCLUSTER is a non-profit organization from the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, representing the triple helix: The Aerospace Industry, the Academia and the State Government.
Our mission: Develop and promote the aerospace industry in the State of Nuevo Leon as an integrated supply chain for international OEMS and system integrators.
Our Vision: Transform Monterrey and its metropolitan area into a center of excellence in innovation, engineering and supply of aeronautical parts and components in North America.
Our strategy: Train our labor force in aerospace technical skills required by the global industry; Implement aerospace quality programs and certifications within our companies; Encourage innovation and technology transfer between the industry and the academia; Complete the local productive chain with strategic aerospace investments; Promote our members in international trade shows and business events.

Aerocluster Monterrey Mexico

What we offer:
We represent a cluster of 25 aerospace companies and research centers, which have the following capacities:
- CNC precision machining
- Forging and machining
- CNC machining solutions & engineering support
- CNC operation & programming training
- Maintenance & spare parts for the CNC equipment
- Metal processing
- Sheet metal
- Material testing
- Chemical analysis, measurement, testing, proofing, diagnostic systems
- Impact test
- Wire and cables.

These products are very cost competitive and with high quality.
They are used for turboprop engines and components and mechanical subsystems.

Research and education capacities:
CIIIA: Aeronautical Engineering, Research and Innovation Center from the State University:
- Technical & engineering training
- Technological research activities
- Innovative services for the industry

Aeronautical Engineer Degree at the University and special concentration at Tecnológico de Monterrey University.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for strategic partners for our companies and members:
- Companies interested in being supplied by a mexican company
- Companies interested in setting up in Mexico
- European company interested in a strategic partnership with a mexican company (joint venture, merger, etc.)
- Companies or organizations interested in knowing more about the mexican capacities in the aerospace industry

We are also looking for organizations with which we could establish a partnership, another aerospace cluster permitting a better cooperation between mexican providers and europeans buyers or Systems integrators or OEMs.

Looking for networking with European organizations and aerospace companies.

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • Engines
      • Turboprop engines and components
    • Production, materials, components and semi-finished products
      • Structures for cell construction, components
      • Metallic materials, semi-finished products, coatings, alloys
      • Non-metallic materials
      • Chemical products, paints, adhesives, corrosion protection, films, sealants, cleaning products
    • Production and process technologies
      • Metal processing
      • Processing, measuring, testing and proofing tools
      • Special machine tools
      • Other process technology
      • Measurement, testing, proofing, diagnostic systems
      • Production and manufacturing equipment
      • Quality control
      • Equipment and tools
    • Engineering service
      • Testing, proofing and analysis
      • Component testing and -qualification
      • Measuring, testing, diagnostics, simulation
    • MRO and technical services
      • MRO, aircraft maintenance and repair


Ms Pauline Medori

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