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Espaldillas Diez, NÂș 10
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Company Profile:
INDAERO designs, manufactures and assemblies accessories for aircrafts. We have a vast experience in plastic, metallic, textile, foams and rubber materials. The combination of these provides solutions which comply with the demanding aviation requirements with the utmost quality and durability. The Sevillian company INDAERO is one of those examples of self-improvement, consolidation and growth within the Andalusian sector. The firm, which has a long tradition in the area of designing and manufacturing aircraft accessories, has become a benchmark developing works for the most outstanding aeronautical companies at Andalusian and national level and is ready to face new future challenges. In the past years, the firm has invested in innovation and the incorporation of new technologies and products through engineering and the constant improvement of its production and quality processes, bringing bigger added value to its projects.

Aircraft Accessories & identification/marking products and services

What we offer:
Aircraft Accessories: design and manufacture; strong experience in the field of ground support equipment. We give fast solutions, achieving a full satisfaction of our customers.

Identification: products (labels, stickers, panels, etc.) and services (embossing, laser marking, etc.)

We have the necessary knowledge, experience, technology and capacity to perform the comprehensive management with our own engineering divisions, Project management, procurement of materials, manufacturing (machining, thermoforming, painting), metrology, assembly, and testing.

INDAERO designs and manufactures different accessories for programs A400M, C295 and CN235 by AIRBUS. Our company is certified with ISO EN-9100:2009 Standard to design and manufacture this equipments.

What we are looking for:
Providers for specialized materials, components and processes.

Customers for Aircraft accessories, identification products, cabin panels, thermoformed plastics, machined parts and 3D verifications.

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • Equipment / Cockpit
      • Other cockpit systems and equipment
    • Engines
      • Other
    • General equipment
      • General equipment for aircraft
    • Production, materials, components and semi-finished products
      • Metallic materials, semi-finished products, coatings, alloys
      • Non-metallic materials
    • Production and process technologies
      • Equipment and tools
    • Engineering service
      • Design, engineering, construction


Mr Bruno Huertas Ortiz

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