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Solenix Deutschland GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Str. 7
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Solenix is a provider of high-quality software engineering and technical consulting services, active in the European aerospace market.
For our customers, the major European aerospace organizations and satellite operators, we are implementing distributed systems and (web, mobile and desktop) client applications with intuitive user interfaces and focused on usability and performance.
Solenix has experience in all main aerospace areas, including Earth observation, navigation, science, meteorology, astronomy, telecommunications, exploration, human space flight.
We focus on innovative solutions, novel concepts, modern and robust technologies, and on a very high service quality.

Innovative Software Engineering and Consulting Services

What we offer:
Software Engineering:
- Conception, design, implementation, maintenance
- Technology and feasibility studies
- Distributed systems
- Middleware technology
- Innovative client applications (web, mobile, desktop)
- Data mining, data analysis, feature detection
- Planning and scheduling
- Data visualization
- Logistics visualization system
- E-learning solutions
- Support services

- MUST: Mission Utility and Support Tools, including data importers, high-performance parameter and data archive, and various client applications
- Telemetry, time series analysis and visualization tools
- Ɯberlog: advanced logbook system
- Tools for automated reporting, dash board, alarming

What we are looking for:
New areas of activity: we are looking for industrial customers in new areas of activity in order to diversify our business. Many of our tools and services are useful and applicable in other domains than what we are using them for at the moment. Our data analysis and visualization tools can be used in banking, energy market, aviation etc.

New customers in aerospace, e.g. LSIs, space agencies, satellite operators, prime contractors.

New business partners with a complementary profile, e.g. a different specialization, in order to enter larger and new projects for the implementation of software systems. Partners should share our spirit of close collaboration with the customer, truly high quality services and strong motivation.

  • Equipment, Engines, Materials
    • IT solutions and software
      • Operating and engineering software
      • Software maintenance and user training
      • Other IT activities
    • MRO and technical services
      • IT solutions, maintenance and management software
    • Manpower
      • Temporary personnel services
      • Manpower recruitment


Mr Alex Baumgartner

Managing Director

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